Updating to apple tiger

Of course ‘painless’ is a relative term in Cupertino, and if our experiences upgrading from Tiger to Leopard are any indication, this option leaves us a bit wary.

updating to apple tiger-32updating to apple tiger-88updating to apple tiger-1

It had been running OS X Tiger (10.4), which is over nine and a half years old, but ran well on my hardware.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have some sort of old old Mac sitting around the house gathering dust.

There’s also a good chance, though, that you can still use that old Mac for something productive (or fun)—be it to run old games, check email, or give the kids something to use to write papers.

I'd first upgrade the RAM and then to Snow Leopard.

*I gave background and reasons-- skip to the list if wish for a summary***** I hope I'm not answering a one year old question as the dates I see have no years on them and it is now late 2010.

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