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The second was much of the same and only answered two of my questions which again was suspicious. I am polite, well mannered, very little spoken (English) and I have a very good sense of humour. In Odessa I took a job as a bookkepper at the one of the biggest factory. I thought we were loved each other, but I was wrong. But little by little I became to observe that my boy friend was going home evey night very drank and too late.

The third letter again much of the same except she no questions were answered and she asked me what movies I liked - except I had already told her in a previous letter, which was again strange a she told me she loved to reread my letters. I have no hang-ups, not into any kind of drugs, I don-t smoke and only drink socially (one or two glasses of good wine). We were lived together for 1.5 years and then we broke up. After more then one year of our being together I proposed to get marry, but then he said no. The econnomic situation in Ukraine was at that moment just terrible. He said I couldn't let myself to have a real family. And we were faiting with each other almost every night at this point.

As she claimed to be a school teacher and also dance instructor but did not have money, she claimed she lived with her parents and her father was a unemployed construction worker. I met Elena at [email protected] she write everyday for about 3 moths . 11 i was afraid of taking a plane so I asker over the manager of the agency a guy name Dmitry Baklykov On a request, we calculated the price for arranging a trip for Elena Zakhareeva. When I am playing the piano he tries sing under the music. I like music of the composers such as Bach, Shopen, Mozart and others. My city is small it is near Moscow, and it 150 kilometers far from the city Kazan. She contacted me through information I previously released to Maria Dorina and the International Marriage Agency.

Like the others Elena said her father left when she was young, she has a younger brother, her mum's sister works in the Moscow airport, they all miss-spelled "voice" as "vote", they claim to be accountants, speak of listening to your "double heart beat" and so on and on. And could you also confirm the amount of money in the same letter and your full name and address. since the last money transfer because i send in 3 parts the have not reply to my e-mails and the phone is out of service !!!!!!!! My work consists in treating and preventing children diseases. It was the well known scammer Ludmila Domashneva complete with addresses and multinational bank accounts. I want to meet a man from other country for friendship and may be for marriage in future. I have a great sense of humor and love to have fun..

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I should have compared Elena's letters to your blacklist sooner. The doctor has told, that the large problems will not be. This is for that I will be sure that they will not give me less amount. I am a 46 year old American man that was contacted by Irina Koslova from Yoshkar-Ola. I think it's time to start telling the story about myself. I love life and adventures, enjoy energy level in people..

Thank you so much for your site and if I can help you let me know. Now I experience hardest days because my communication with you is being hindered without my fault. I do not know how much time will it take for me to find another job with Internet access because economic situation in our region is in stage of sickness. It is better if you send the money before Saturday because I'll officially will not be able to communicate with you from the next week. The letters on your site from Steve are identical to my letters. I'm so pleased that you can understand my not so good English language, that I has learned in school and in College. I like reading, step-aerobics, can do sewing and embroidering, everything that is new is the field for me to explore.

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