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Craig Mazin, a successful Hollywood screenwriter who happens to have roomed with Ted Cruz in college, has detailed the awkward near run-in he had with his old roommate at their 25th Princeton reunion this weekend. Let's do this,' he recalls.'So I walk over and start chatting with Dave [Panton, Cruz's best friend from college].

But he is suspected of killing, or attempting to kill, even more.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Mazin described his 'very strange' conversation with Heidi Cruz, while her husband stood just five feet away. I would have been fine with bored.'It was more like meeting... She looked at me pleasantly, and I told her that I was no fan of her husbands.'BUT: I was careful to add that I had nothing against her whatsoever. She then asked, in a scientific way, "Was is difficult being Ted's roommate?

Ted Cruz (left) avoided talking to his college roommate Craig Mazin (right), a Hollywood screenwriter, at their Princeton reunion this weekend. "Mazin said that he was taken aback because he has been so outspoken against Cruz.'So I said, "Yes.

Serial killer Ted Bundy, then 30, center, is escorted out of court in Pitkin County, Colorado in 1977.

The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent discovered the 40-year-old photo of Bundy, along with others, that had been locked in an old safe in the newsroom, which a local locksmith volunteered to open.

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